Marketing Metrics

September 27, 2011

There was an interesting guest blog on Marketing Profs a few days ago by Jim Sterne, which talked about the 6 most important online marketing metrics (

Jim points to the following areas, that should be measured:

-          Awareness

-          Interest

-          Engagement

-          Sales

-          Profits

-          Advocacy

He summarizes by stating that “the magic here is tying together all of the above”.

Probably the bigger trick for most, is making it happen!!  There are plenty of tools out there to measure the components but putting them together so that they not only summarize the “how many” but also provide a meaningful accounting of what it all mean is not so obvious.  Which is where Astir Analytics comes in.

At Astir Analytics we help our clients tackle their metrics and reporting issues and design solutions that meet the most demanding markets. We can help you through the process of understanding the Information to give you betterInsight and in the end greater Results.

Give me a call, I’d love to discuss  the Astir difference,

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