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January 24, 2012

I really enjoy reading Richard Meyer’s New Media and Marketing Blog.  Richard has been involved in Marketing and specifically Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing for many years.  His last post on Social Media ROI got me thinking.  Social Media continues to be a hot topic, if it wasn’t, then you wouldn’t be reading our Astir Analytics Blog at this very moment!  Just the mention of Social Media and ROI in the same sentence can create a debate that might take on epic proportions.  Some will argue that it is very hard to measure the effectiveness of Social Media, others have found tools (as mentioned in Richard’s post) that help you manage your Twitter account.  I think that regardless of the platform or the medium there has to be some sort of stake in the ground as to why you will engage in yet another form of Marketing, in this case Social Media.  Once you have established your rationale you need to set up some benchmarks to measure and manage the time you will invest.  You may acknowledge that from the very beginning the ROI will be low because you are still pushing out content as you would through a PR firm or maybe it will be high as you engage in customer conversations as Gary Vaynerchuk explains so eloquently on his new book “The Thank You Economy”.

Either way, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.  The unique advantage our clients have when working with us is that we help them build the tools they need to measure their Marketing effectiveness albeit: Social Media campaigns, Email campaigns or Offline campaigns.  We bring it all together so that you have one view of “How Am I Doing?”.

Let’s begin a conversation that starts here, as I know that our Social Media ROI dollars are well spent and you should know that as well.

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