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February 22, 2012

I continue to read and enjoy Richard Meyer’s articles on his New Media and Marketing Blog.  One recent article was entitled, “Do we really need to consistently measure ROI of everything ?”, spoke to the need or lack thereof of constantly trying to measure ROI especially with Social Media.  Richard makes the case that countless hours and thousands of dollars is wasted when trying to understand and quantify the effectiveness of social media.  It puts it plainly, “ROI starts and ends with sales” and I agree that the easiest thing to measure is revenue.  To that end why not create a dashboard that measure sales as related to marketing campaigns?  Our clients here at Astir Analytics have created dashboards that bring in all of their marketing campaigns both online and offline into one place to have one version of the truth.  From this dashboard that can tell in a few simple mouse clicks how they are doing and if in fact they are moving the company towards reaching its sales goals.

Please contact me to learn more on how we can help you gather the right Information to provide the most accurate Insight and yield the best Results.

Thank you,


Nathan  Lynn | Director of Business Development

Astir Analytics

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