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November 20, 2011

Nathan Hanks, co-founder and co-chief operating officer of ReachLocal recently wrote an article entitled “10 Ways to Own Page One of the Google Search Results”  (  In his article he lists the top 10 ways to get your listing on page 1 of the Google search results as follows (by the way, his description is focused on the local business perspective) :

-          Search Advertising

-          Website

-          Web page optimization

-          Blog

-          Google Place Page

-          Google Profiles

-          On-line Directories / Listings

-          Social Profiles

-          Review Sites

-          Syndicated Press Releases

While combinations of the above items certainly will drive up your listings, what needs to be understood is that continual refinement of the above is absolutely necessary, no matter which ones of the above you undertake.  It’s not as easy as set it and forget it, since your competition is also vying for the key page 1 listings.

What isn’t discussed in his article is the constant monitoring, measurement and refinement necessary  in order to continue to succeed.  While it takes a considerable amount of work to get to page 1, it takes as much or more work to stay on the page 1 listings.  Astir Analytics helps our clients tackle their measurement, analysis, and reporting needs, by designing  solutions built to meet the most demanding needs.

We can help you through the process of helping you understand the Information to give you better Insight and in the end gain greater Results.

Give me a call, I’d love to discuss the Astir difference,

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