Understanding your Marketing Effectiveness

May 08, 2013

Marketing professionals have a unique set of challenges to overcome.  The biggest and most obvious hurdle is driving more leads into the sales funnel for your sales team to convert.  A less obvious, but still significant hurdle (and possibly the most difficult hurdle,) is demonstrating organizational worth to stakeholders.  So not only do you have to execute your job, but you have to show the effectiveness of your efforts.

Marketing efforts can be difficult to quantify.  Other departments, HR, Accounts, Sales, Etc. have easily accessible, concrete output to point to.  A marketing department can roll out a highly successful campaign; and now have a quantifiable method to full understand that success.  In order to show tangible return on investment, marketing professionals can make use of analytics tools.  Provided that you can collect the data on your campaigns, manage the tools, and interpret the results, analytics tools can provide meaningful statistics on how effective your campaigns are, and who they are reaching.

Astir Analytics specializes in designing custom analytics tools for marketing and sales organizations.  The tools we have provided customers enable them to accurately measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and understand exactly who is being reached.  Our business intelligence tools enable you to clearly quantify your marketing campaigns, and concentrate your resources.

I would love to explore how Astir Analytics can improve your organization, so feel free to give me a call (908) 279-8670 ext. 716.

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Adam Moltisanti

Manager, Marketing and Vendor Relations

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