Stop Using Metrics That Don’t Matter

March 13, 2012

There is a lot of buzz coming out of Austin this week from the SXSW conference.  Many of the articles have to do with technology and marketing.  I enjoy reading Rich Meyer’s New Media and Marekting blog and he discusses SXSW in a recent post.  I love this quote from the post “10 Steps to make marketing more relevant again”.  Here Rich says it best, “I don’t care if 100,000 people Like you on Facebook and if your website has 10 million visitors a year.  If you’re still losing market share than something is wrong.  Start looking at metrics like engagement and bounce rates. Evaluate your search marketing to determine the cost per conversion or targeted action and find out the most common paths through your website.”

He is right on the money.  How is this relevant to you?  This is where we come in.  Our firm Astir Analytics focuses on helping you measure the right metrics to determine how effective your marketing campaigns are in converting suspects to prospects to customers.  I would welcome the opportunity to share a few case studies that are relevant to your business to help you make some changes to the status quo.

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Nathan  Lynn | Director of Business Development

Astir Analytics