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March 21, 2013


The vast majority of companies, both large and small, have websites nowadays.  In an effort to increase web presence, many are turning to multiple company webpages, product pages, social media pages, landing pages, etc.  Yet, even with all this hard work, many companies still struggle to see the fruits of their labor within search engines.  And although search engines are becoming smarter, it is imperative that you optimize your websites so they become more attractive to search engines.

In other words, your website content must become as smart as possible.

We here at Astir Analytics would like to share some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wisdom with you.  Search engines are becoming very savvy, and it is important for your business to stay up-to-date on what is considered the best in practice.  although it can be extremely difficult to rank high in a keyword search, depending on your industry, market position, products, and a host of other factors; you can improve your ranking through a few simple steps.

It is important for you to create content that reads naturally, and isn't overflowing with keywords.  Search engine metrics are now smart enough to understand the natural flow of text, and can spot the over use of keywords.  Therefore, it is extremely important to write content with the reader in mind.  Additionally, bullet points are a wonderful tools, as they allow for easy reading, quick digestion, and are very search engine friendly.  

There is plenty of material out there concerning specific SEO tricks; ranging from keyword density, to meta tags, meta descriptions, and link usage... but one of the most useful tips I have come across concerns the optimal range of keyword density.  You want each webpage to contain a variety of keywords relevant to your products, services, clients, and your general audience.  The keyword density that I have seen the most success with for a single keyword is the range of 3-5%.  There are some wonderful free keyword density tools available, including: SEObook, keyword density, and my personal favorite, Live Keyword Analysis.

Web design and content is just one of the many areas Astir Analytics specializes in.  I would love to discuss how we can help your organization, so please give me a call at (908) 279-8670 ext. 716.

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Adam Moltisanti

Manager, Marketing and Vendor Relations

Astir Analytics

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