Quality Assurance Testing for Your Business

December 17, 2014


Quality assurance testing is probably the most critical portion of the application development process.  But software testing should never stop once your system is in place.  Bugs and errors can creep up at the worst possible time, and if left unchecked, they can be a recipe for disaster.

This is especially important since our businesses are now completely reliant on multiple forms of technology.  Internally, our infrastructure, HR department, accounting department, etc. are now all automated.  For some of us, our external products and services include business intelligence and mobile applications; as well as a host of other software and technology.  Therefore, we not only support ourselves with technology, but our technology supports our clients.

Doesn't it make sense for us to ensure that technology continues to operate perfectly?

Astir Analytics has a host of quality assurance testing services that can help identify problems and ensure your IT landscape operates correctly.  Without these QA testing services operating in the background, it is just a matter of time before something goes wrong.

Astir Analytics can provide you with QA testing services that are custom tailored to your exact needs.  We can provide an on-site technical resource, staff a team of testers, or manage an entire QA project from conception to completion.  If you have a QA need, please call me at 908-279-8670 ext. 716 to discuss.

Best Regards,

Adam Moltisanti

Manager, Marketing and Vendor Relations

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